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We optimize collaboration

Irys optimizes the task of collaborating with your target audience so you can build better products, services, neighborhoods, and more.

Our tool enables you to remotely gather data from your community to gain actionable insights, and also inform your audience about your latest decisions, news, and ideas.

By streamlining communication, you gain insights in real-time that empower audience-centric decisions and higher levels of productivity.

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Make the right moves, faster

Seamless communication and access to important data enable you to make informed decisions with confidence and speed.

Greater efficiency brings many benefits for our clients including:

  • Economic savings
  • Quicker resolution of issues
  • Improved perception of your organization
  • Shorter project timelines
  • Revenue growth
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What makes Irys different?

Irys is an all-in-one, modular collaboration solution that eliminates the need to swap between multiple apps to gather data and communicate. All your information is centralized in one place. Scale and use only the tools you need to gain access to enhanced insights that empower more informed decisions, from service improvements to project status updates. We’re here to help you simplify collaboration so you can focus on what matters most, making the best possible decisions.

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Features and functionalities of Irys

Irys brings you one tool with many capabilities. While our platform is continuously evolving with new modules and extensible (you can integrate 3rd party apps), below you’ll find some of our most popular features.


Enables users to provide feedback on projects, progress, and more.


Seamlessly conduct surveys to gain insight on important issues.

Performance graphs

Create a resource center for users to easily access helpful materials.


Easily communicate with internal staff or external clients you serve.

Task management

Assign tasks to individuals or departments, track progress, and review upon completion.

Social listening

Keep an ear out for specific keywords to find out how your audience feels about certain topics.


A globally recognized platform you can trust.

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Irys COVID-19 Support Tool

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Irys developed COVID-19 Web App to help governments and organizations better collect and analyze data relevant to the national health contingency.


San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, Texas 311 Call Center, serves a population of 1.5 million people at all times. With 65,000 calls per month, the city saw an opportunity for improvement and efficiency, leading directly to savings in time and money. Implementing the Irys App (311SA Mobile App) has led to an increase in citizen engagement, improvement in citizen communication, and greater efficiency, accountability, and transparency.


Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Mexico

In November 2018, Mexico City underwent a water cut affecting 900,000 people due to the maintenance and repairs of the Cutzamala system, a water system serving 22 million people. Irys deployed a mobile web app and Dashboard to monitor in real-time the water distribution operation in the Municipality of Cuauhtémoc. The implementation of Irys platforms helped the City to more efficiently monitor water distribution and better serve residents’ needs.


Hidalgo, TX

The City of Hidalgo lacked a digital platform to facilitate their work order management process. Implementing the Irys app and Dashboard has allowed the City of Hidalgo to modernize its internal processes, increase efficiency, improve communication, and enable the city to serve the community’s needs better.


Mission (EDC), Mission, TX

The Mission Economic Development Corporation (EDC) sought a digital solution that allowed them to address community needs better and engage residents in the City of Mission, Texas. Implementing the Irys App (311SA Mobile App) and Irys Dashboard has led to an increase in citizen engagement, improved communication, and supported Mission EDC’s goals of fostering digital inclusion and innovation.


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This is the future of collaboration where community members come together through the power of technology to improve the places we share.

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